4 Steps You Should Take To Achieve Success

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Everyone who wants to get better and achieve greater things set their
mind on being successful.
Being successful is a product of many works/steps. All successful men
and women took various actions that took them to wherever they are

I therefore bring to you all the steps you should take in order to
achieve success.
Yes! Success! Success in whatever field or sphere in life. The steps
below will guide you to the door of success and you shall open it.

Let's go!

1. Setting A Goal/Target:

Successful men and women always set their goals or targets in whatever
they are doing.
For you to achieve success in whatever sphere in life you have to set
a target for yourself.
Every striker in a football team has a target (the goal post), that's
what they play for during the 90minutes of soccer.
So for you to achieve success you have to sit down and set a goal for
yourself, e.g if you are about to start a bakery business you could
say " in the first six months of my operation I should be supplying
bread in the whole Local Government Area".
Setting this goal will make you to work harder so you can achieve your target.

2. Early Preparation:

The second step you should take if you want to achieve success in
whatever sphere in life is preparing early.
Preparing early would save you a lot of trouble, you wouldn't have to
rush things and as a result you would make less/no mistakes.
Starting your preparations early will give you time to cross check and
analyse your strategies thereby giving you time to work on your plans.
The step of early preparation would be an immense help to academic
Students who start preparing for exam and any quiz/challenge earlier
before time tend to do well than those who start preparations at the
rush hour.
Early preparation is necessary if you want to achieve success.

3. Act!!:

The third great step in achieving success is for you to take action.
Act! Act on your goals, your strategies.
It only makes sense for one who wants success to act after setting
his/her goals.
Acting on your goals and plans shows that you are serious.
Like a popular Nigerian pidgin slang says "Raking Na Water, Na Action
Na im Be Blood".
It is intepreted as talking, talking is nothing, the main thing is acting.
So act on your goals and preparations in that way you are taking the
third step to achieving success.

4. Be Persistent:

Aha! This is the final step you have to take in order for you to
achieve success.
After setting your goals, your early preparations and acting on your
plans the next thing for you to do is to be persistent.
Many great men today didn't become great with just one shot, they were
persistent and kept forging ahead and trying over and over again with
fresh strategies.
You must have heard the saying that "all that glitters is not gold".
You may have started acting hoping for a very good start but it wasn't
as you expected.
That shouldn't make you quit, quitters never wins and winners never quits.
Keep being persistent and feed yourself with new and fresh ideas.
Rome was not built in one day, so you should be expecting challenges.
You musn't let the challenges you face weigh you down, the challenges
should agitate you to work harder.
Trust me, be persistency pays and in the end you would be successful
because you never allowed any bad situation to weigh you down.
All the great men and women today were persistent in their respective
spheres in life and they are also being persistent till date in their

That's that!

Those are the four steps you should take in order for you to be
successful in whatever you are doing.

And remember, do not procrastinate! Never procrastinate!

That's it.

If you have any contributions/questions use the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.

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