Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 13)

If you missed the episode 12 of this story, please read it here

<< Training Begins >>

The training to reveal the true powers of their swords by the
swordsmen began. The six swordsmen were being joined by their teach
Christopher who came along side his dog Jumbo.

Abdulrasaq: Meditate and channel all your concentration to the swords.
Emeka: If you feel like you are getting weak you should stop.

The swordsmen all channeled their concentration to their swords as
they meditated.

It was still the second day since the G.C and the other twenty
swordsmen left for the kingdom of Oduduwa. Clinton and his friends
just have three days to prepare in order to stop the evil plan against
the heirs of the throne from happening.

Back home rebuilding of houses and other infrastructures caused by the
deadly night attack was going on.

Femi: Well well well, in just a matter of time the kingdom will be
back to the way it was.

Though the residents were suspicious about the absence of the king
they were still optimistic that all was well with him, because
normally when something bad happens the king always addresses them.

<< At The Witches Place >>

The witches were also playing card games just as they were doing before.

Witch Bola: Don't you all have anything better to do?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, right now there's nothing better. Untill we get
our powers back.
Witch Bola: Hmm.
Witch Haruna: Is anything the matter your highness?
Witch Bola: Nothing really, I was just thinking about what will be the
use of the boy (Apha) after we get our powers back?
Witch Haruna: I thought we have already talked about it?
Witch Bola: Yes, but there is a problem. The great wizard Emeka could
be with the others and he will immediately sense that the boy is under
our control.
Witch Haruna: Hmm, you are right! Damn that old fool!
Witch Bola: Any suggestions my sisters?
Witch Ngozi: Hahaha, hahahaha. Why don't we make the boy our first
feast after getting back our powers.
Witch Bola: Bravo! Good idea!
Witch Catherine: I bet the boy will be so yummy.
Witch Bola: So my sisters, enjoy yourselves.

The witches continued with their cards game as the head witch Bola
smiled as she sat on her chair.

<< At The Dwarves Location >>

The dwarves camped in the forest close to the realm of the white
witches. They returned there after dealing with the giant evil bat.

Voski: We really need to get ready for the war that will start very soon.
Boski: Yes, this time we are going to show the witches that they can't
kill our kind and get away with it.
Doski: Yes, this time it's for our people!
Voski: Good. You should know only seven of us will take part in the
war, you all know why.
Doski: Yes, we do.
Kero: Please boss Voski let me be part of those who will be part of the war.
Voski: Ofcourse you shall be among us.
Kero: Thank you very much sir.
Voski: It's all my pleasure.
Boski: The kingdom must be getting rebuilt by now.
Voski: Yes, but the people doesn't know that their king is gone for good.
Boski: Yea. And what about that Abdulrasaq's boy? What could he be
doing right now?
Voski: I think he would be training probably, you know Abdulrasaq knew
he had to get his boy ready.
Boski: Yea. Sure.

<< Back At Abdulrasaq's Home >>

The swordsmen were training and they all felt weak and stopped except
their teacher Christopher.

Clinton: Our teacher is really a strong one.
Ebuka: Yes, just look at the way he is concentrating.
Boyo: Well, he's our teacher after all.
Timo: Sure he is.
Temi: Did any one of you see anything while meditating?
The boys: No we didn't.
Aisha: I did.
Temi: Good, I also saw something.
Clinton: So what did you two see?
Temi: Secret! You boys just better concentrate better.
Clinton: So it's a secret huh?
Timo: And girls vs boys?
Boyo: Don't worry ours we be super cool.
Ebuka: I bet they saw something not edible, hahaha.
Aisha: What a guy, we are not talking about food here.
Ebuka: We will keep ours secret too.

Christopher was disturbed with their noise that he couldn't meditate further.

Christopher: You idiots! I can no longer concentrate because of your
nonsense talks!
Temi: Oh oh, I think we just did something bad.
Timo: Well it was all your fault.
Temi: What?

The great wizard had signalled Abdulrasaq that they both should go
inside, Abdul knew it has to be something serious.

Abdulrasaq: My friend, it must be something serious that you didn't
want to say in front of the kids.
Emeka: Yes, it's something serious.
Abdulrasaq: All right, let's talk.
Emeka: Clinton's friend Apha is still alive!
Abdulrasaq: What? Are you sure.
Emeka: Yes, but............


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