Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 15)

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The four great teen warriors Dokubo, Boss, Moon and Nkiruka got ready
for the rescue mission and reported back to Asari.

Dokubo had with him his sword only and no other weapon. He was the
only warrior able to lift the sword because the sword bonded well with
Boss was with his three swords, which he called the triple death.
Nkiruka was with her bow and arrow, and also as well with a sword.
Moon had with her two short swords which were mainly for defend, and
also many ninja kunai.

Asari: Nice one warrior, I can see you are all prepared.
Dokubo: Yes and we are ready to leave.
Asari: I see. You will all be teleported to the Ogu' shrine.
Abdulrasaq should be waiting for you people there.
Boss: Yes sir, I'm feeling good about this.
Asari: I see. I know that the four of you are skilled swordmen and
though the witches have not yet gotten all their powers back you
all have to watch your back.
Dokubo: Thank you sir.
Asari: Okay, you can all go now. Ma'mira' ko je Ogu' shrine.

The warriors were all teleported to Ogu shrine. They looked around and
saw Abdulrasaq sitting at the gate of the shrine and they walked
toward him.

Dokubo: This is the great lord Abdulrasaq.
Moon: Wow.
Abdulrasaq: Welcome young warriors.
Dokubo: It's our pleasure sir.
Abdulrasaq: I believe Asari has told you all about what the mission is
all about already.
Dokubo: Yes sir.
Abdulrasaq: (Brings out Apha's painting) This is the boy. You all have
to be quick and accurate in this mission.
Moon: We will not fail you sir.
Abdulrasaq: Are you all ready to go?
Dokubo: Yes.
Boss: Eh, sir. What is your son doing right now?
Abdulrasaq: He is training with some of his friends in revealing the
true powers of their swords.
Boss: Hmm, I can teach him how to do that just in a short while.
Dokubo: You shouldn't even think about it.
Boss: Why?
Dokubo: He needs to learn that the way of a warrior is not an easy one.
Abdulrasaq: Dokubo is right. The way of a warrior is not an easy one,
a true warrior must learn that for his own sake.
Boss: I see, sir you and Dokubo somehow reason alike.
Abdulrasaq: Great warriors have almost the same instincts.
Dokubo: I'm honoured sir.
Abdulrasaq: You all have to go now. You all know my house right?
Dokubo: Yes.
Abdulrasaq: Alright, see you all when the mission has been completed.
All: Yes sir!

Abdulrasaq dissappeared.

Moon: Well Dokubo you know what I think?
Dokubo: What?
Moon: You will make a better warrior than Abdulrasaq.
Dokubo: Hmm, thank you Moon.
Nkiruka: Two love birds?
Dokubo: What?
Moon: We are in the middle of an assignment here.
Nkiruka: I see.

Nkiruka turned and saw that Boss was busy looking at her boobs.

Nkiruka: You idiot! We are in the middle of an assignment here.
Boss: I'm sorry, actually uum......
Dokubo: We need to stop talking and start heading to the castle.

Nkiruka: Let's look for some horses so we can admire nature as we go.
Moon: Horses? You just heared Abdulrasaq say we should be quick.
Nkiruka: Yes, I heared that part.
Boss: Well, the question is how we are going to get there by tomorrow.
Dokubo: The teleportation steps, we can use it and get there tomorrow morning.
Boss: You are right.
Dokubo: Okay. Let's go people!

They all use the teleportation steps and they kept covering large
distance over a short time.

Meanwhile, while Abdulrasaq was with the four teen warriors the six
swordsmen and their teacher took a break in their meditation.

Clinton: I saw a red dragon.
Ebuka: Really? That's cool!
Boyo: Well, I saw a horse.
Ebuka: Hahaha, a horse? So funny! So funny!
Timo: Ebuka what did you see?
Ebuka: Well I haven't seen anything.
Timo: Me too, but I wonder why you were laughing when you haven't even
seen anything yourself.
Temi: Maybe he's laughing to calm himself down.
Aisha: Sure, that would be it.
Ebuka: What about you girls? Are you people still going to keep yours a secret?
Aisha: Yes, you all have to wait till it's time.
Boyo: Damn it! I'm stuck with a horse.
Clinton: I was just thinking maybe the horse stands for something cool.
Boyo: Like?
Clinton: Speed. In battle your speed can make you invincible.
Ebuka: Yes. That's right!
Timo: Yes.
Boyo: Well, that makes sense.
Christopher: Yes, speed is necessay and important in battle.
Boyo: Thanks sir.
Clinton: Teacher, what about you?
Christopher: A dog actually.
All: A dog?
Christopher: That's maybe because I find dogs interesting.
Ebuka: I see.
Christopher: Well you and Timo should work on revealing your swords powers.
Clinton: Well who has seen my father?
Kanu: He is attending to an important issue.
Clinton: An important issue.
Nnenna: It is almost getting dark, you all should get in and eat dinner.
Ebuka: Oh yes!

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