Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 16)

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<< The Rescue Mission Begins >>

On the first day of the training Clinton, Boyo, Aisha, Temi and their
teacher Christopher had taken a step in revealing the true powers of
their swords.
Ebuka and Timo had no luck in their training, it was now the second
day and they both looked forward to catching up with their comrades.

Meanwhile Dokubo and his comrades had reached the water separating the
island of Elu from the forest.
They were able to get to the island so fast by using the teleportation steps.

Dokubo: We are here, if we cross this water we will be at the island.
Moon: The island looks so beautiful.
Nkiruka: Yes, it seems these witches aren't much dirty.
Boss: Really? This could be a trick to get people come to the island.
Nkiruka: And how did you come to that conclusion?
Boss: Instinct!
Dokubo: Boss is right, it is just a trick to make people go into the
island. I can feel dark energy coming from the heart of the island.
Moon: No matter how one tries to hide evil, it would be seen
Boss: Yes! The big guy is cool.
Nkiruka: What are we waiting for?
Dokubo: (Points to two canoes tied to a tree) Since we haven't
mastered walking on water, we have to take these canoes over there.
Two to one.
Boss: Dokubo I hope you don't mind if I go with your tagmate.
Dokubo: No problem.
Nkiruka: Hmm, what a guy.
Moon: (Talks to herself) Ahah! Now I will be alone with my darling Dokubo.
Dokubo: Let's go in!

Dokubo and Moon were in one canoe while Boss and Nkiruka were on the other.
Though Dokubo and Nkiruka are tagmate this mission doesn't mandate
them to tag. And also Boss wanted to spend them with Nkiruka which he
has a crush on and also do Moon want to spend time with Dokubo who she
has a crush on.

*** At The Witches Room ***

The witches were playing games and stopped immediately the four teen
warriors entered the water.

Witch Bola: Well well, what do we have here?
Witch Ngozi: Hmm, what could they be doing here?
Witch Kitana: Maybe they are human hunters who thinks they have caught
a gold mine.
Witch Bola: Idiots! Do they look like ordinary humans?
Witch Catherine: There is really nothing special about them.
Witch Bola: I see, you all have gone senile! (Points at Dokubo) That
boy is wielding the white dragon sword, the twin to the red dragon
Witch Ngozi: What?
Witch Bola: That means they are from the cursed tribe. The question is
why didn't we sense them coming until now? And what is their mission
Witch Ngozi: I guess they want to strike the first blow.
Witch Haruna: Why would they send just a bunch of kids to strike the
first blow. It seems they are here for a very different mission.
Witch Bola: No. They must be here to strike the first blow. They might
be just kids, but they got skills.
Witch Ngozi: We should have no problem with them at least we have
little of our powers.
Witch Bola: And who knows maybe that boy (Dokubo) has mastered the sword.
Witch Ngozi: Why are you so worried out the sword?
Witch Bola: Well, since you all have gone senile I will have to tell you all.
Witch Catherine: We are sorry.
Witch Bola: It was the red and white dragon swords together with the
triple death sword that led to the death of the almighty witch "Nkem"
the mother of all witches.
Witch Kitana: I remember now, but the users of the white dragon sword
and the triple death sword paid with their lives.
Witch Ngozi: And besides this kids are in no way near to those users
in strength, skill and speed.
Witch Bola: You are right, so we are going to make sure they don't
leave here alive. And also we shall seize the swords and bend them to
our will. Hahaha, let them come!

*** The Four Best Teen Warriors ****

Dokubo: There is a possibility that we must have been spotted by the
witches already. So we need to be on our guard.
Moon: Though our mission is a rescue one, I think we should atleast
take two of the witches out of the equation.
Dokubo: That's great! You are absolutely right, but before that we
have to secure the boy first. Moon you and Nkiruka skills will make
you both the best choice to get the boy faster.
Moon: Yes, sure.
Nkiruka: It's going to be girls ultimate tag!
Boss: That's a nice one, I can't wait to use my triple death swords on
those witches.
Dokubo: And my sword too beg to crush those even ones.
Moon: I shall poison them with my venom.
Nkiruka: And they shall be burnt by the eternal fire of my phoenix.

They reached the shore of the island.

Dokubo: We are here!

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