Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 17)

If you missed the episode 16 of this story, please read it here


<< The Fight Is About To Begin!!! >>

Dokubo and his comrades finally stepped their foot on the shore of the
island of Elu, the witches hiding place.
They were ready to infiltrate the island, storm into the witches
castle and set Apha free.

When they set their foot in the shore of the island, some seconds
later the island starting changing just the way it did when Clinton,
Boyo and Apha first visited.

Moon: Oh, oh! I think the island is changing back to it's original form.
Dokubo: The dark energy is getting stronger now.
Boss: Yea, I can feel it too.
Nkiruka: So what are we waiting for?
Dokubo: Let's go!

<< At Abdulrasaq's Home >>

The six swordsmen and their teacher Christopher were about to start
their training for the day. Abdulrasaq had returned.

Clinton: Dad, we didn't see you yesterday.
Abdulrasaq: Uhm, I was taking care of some issues. How far have you
people gone in the training?
Clinton: Fine, I saw a red dragon.
Abdulrasaq: A red dragon! What about you all?
Boyo: A horse.
Christopher: A dog.
Temi: A chetah.
Aisha: A cat.
Ebuka: Nothing here.
Timo: Nothing here too.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, you all still have a long way to go. You all have to
concentrate and focus all your energy.
Ebuka: Is there any shortcut?
Abdulrasaq: Yes, there is but it is dangerous. It could cost your life.
Ebuka: Life huh? I don't need the shortcut anymore.
Abdulrasaq: Channel positive thoughts to your swords. Let you and your
sword relate together.
Clinton: Dad, since I saw the red dragon what's next for me?
Abdulrasaq: You must bond well with it, until you both can communicate.
Boyo: Cool. Talking with a horse huh?
Abdulrasaq: (Laughs) Just wait and see. I have to speak with Emeka,
see you all later.

Abdulrasaq and Emeka went inside.

Abdulrasaq: You heard Clinton right?
Emeka: Yes, he saw a red dragon.
Abdulrasaq: I hope it's not the great red dragon Ekwensu.
Emeka: The great red dragon Ekwensu can't be control by anyone. It can
lead to death of it's wielder when it's at full power.
Abdulrasaq: Hmm, we have to advise him not to use it at full strength.
Emeka: Yea, that would be after he had bonded with it. So the teen
warriors have gone to the witches island.
Abdulrasaq: Yes, they should be able to rescue Apha.
Emeka: Yes, after all they are the best teen warriors of your tribe.

Back at the training ground Christoper sense of hearing had improve
and he heard Apha from inside the house.

Christopher: What?

The others opened their eyes and stopped their meditation.

Clinton: What's it teacher?
Christopher: I think I heard someone saying rescue Apha. It came from
inside the house.

Kanu who was there noticed that Christopher sense of sound and smell
had increasde because he had bonded a little with his sword. And also
he knew Christopher must have overheard the great wizard and
Abdulrasaq, so he made to distract them from from talking about Apha.

Kanu: He's your student alright. During training like this sometimes
things like this happen. You will hear someone you have lost asking
for your help.
Christopher: Hmm, that's strange. I'm sure I heard it from inside the house.
Kanu: That's just the way it is.
Clinton: If it's so, why didn't I and Boyo hear it too.
Kanu: Maybe it just didn't come to you two, it generally happens by chance.
Christopher: Well, we better go back to training.

They all went back to training.

Kanu: (In his mind) I better inform Lord and the great wizard. If they
find out that Apha is alive, they will certainly abandon the present
mission and their training.

He left.

Dokubo, Boss, Moon and Nkiruka were about entering inside the island
when a deadly lightening strucked.

Moon: Hmm, this is not going to be easy.
Boss: Really? As for me I'm going to make sure they die three times.
Dokubo: All of you get ready, we don't know what is going to come next.
Nkiruka: Well, I got my bow and arrow ready for anything in the sky.

Suddenly they heared Witch Bola's voice.

Witch Bola: Strangers! What do you seek in my domain?
Boss: Your death! You and your sisters.
Witch Bola: Really, then get ready for what is coming. Akpu ra kpu
teli ni, akpu ra kpu teli ni.

The ground started shaking.

Dokubo: The monument ike!
Boss: Funny, they think we are newbies.
Nkiruka: Well, they will regret that.

Monuments with four arms stronger than the ones Clinton defeated
emerged from the ground.

Witch Bola: Let me see how you kids are going to survive this.
Moon: Bring it on witch!!

Expect The Next Episode!

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