Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 18)

If you missed the episode 17 of this story, please read it here


<< Suprise For The Witches >>

As the four teen warriors stepped their foot further to get inside the
island the ground shook and monuments stronger than the ones Clinton
faced emerged from the ground.

Witch Bola: Let see how you kids will fare against these ones. (She
laughed as her laughter echoed round the island).

Dokubo: Four arms monuments huh?
Moon: Hah! They think that will scare us.
Boss: This is going to be just too easy.
Nkiruka: Let's show them!

Witch Bola: I will watch you kids try.

The four teen warriors charged at the four arms monuments.

Dokubo: Breath of death!
Boss: Sting of torture!
Moon: Vemon of the snake dragon!
Nkiruka: Fire of the immortal Phoenix!

Dokubo raised his sword up as ice covered the monuments he charged at
and they shattered to pieces.

Boss threw one of his sword up and held the other two with both hands.
The one he threw up caused lighning which struck down some of the
monuments he charged at while he used the other two to cut through the

Moon threw her ninja kunai at ten of the monuments as they turned to
wood and started aging immediately and turned to dust.

While Nkiruka shot her arrows at the sky and they came down as raining
fire as it burnt the monuments to dust.

Witch Bola: (Suprised) Impossible! These monuments couldn't have been
defeated so easily! You people are just teens!

Boss: Hey! We might be just teens but with the big guy here we are unstoppable.
Witch Bola: Big guy? Which big guy?
Boss: (Points at Dokubo) Here he is! With him here you and your
sisters will be reduced to dust!
Witch Bola: (In her mind) So that white dragon sword user is their
leader, well I expected that.
Boss: Cat got your tongue witch?

Witch Bola: Hahahaha, hahahaha. Hmm. Though I didn't expect you people
to easily destroy my mouments you all together can't still beat me.

Dokubo: Do you want to try us? I hope you know that the swords I and
my brother (Boss) wields were responsible for the downfall of your
head witch.
Witch Bola: Hahaha, you two are too weak to use the swords to their
full potential.
Boss: Try us!
Witch Bola: All right. Say goodbye to this world.

Just at that instant Dokubo gave a hand signal to Moon and Nkiruka
which only the four of them understood.

Witch Bola: Now die! Ali gba ji ma!

The ground shook and cracks developed, followed by a large crater and
deep pits.

The four teen warriors staggered to maintain their standing as they
fell covered by the thick dust.

Witch Bola: Hmm, that serves them right. I didn't even have to break a
sweat. Hahahaha.

<< At Abdulrasaq's Home >>

The swordsmen had stopped meditating and this time they relaxed after
being exhausted from their meditation.

Ebuka: Oh man! I can't understand what I saw.
Timo: Me too. It was so vague.
Ebuka: Hmm, we both have to try harder bro.
Clinton: Hey, don't sweat it guys. Just relax and give it time.
Ebuka: Hmm, thanks alot Clinton. You are cool.
Clinton: That was nothing guy.
Ebuka: It may mean nothing to you but it really mean alot to me.
Clinton: (Brought a keg of palmwine and beans balls) Hey comrades!
Let's enjoy the moment.
Christopher: Nice one Clinton, that was just what I was thinking
about. What a wonderful afternoon with palmwine!
Ebuka: Hehehe, And I also got beans balls to eat.
Temi: Hey you guys, don't forget the girls!
Clinton: Sure. We won't!

They all sat together as they drank palmwine (mmia' ngwuor) and ate beans balls.

<< Inside Abdulrasaq's Living Room >>

Kanu was with Lord Abdulrasaq and Emeka in the living room, and he had
told them both about Christopher new found power so that they wouldn't
be busted of their secret about Apha.

Abdulrasaq: Hmm, I think great one we should put on the anti sound ike
whenever we are talking about Apha.
Emeka: Yes, you are right. We have to keep it a secret till the young
lad is back.
Abdulrasaq: Sure, well it's good someone power has started developing.
Emeka: Sure!

As they were talking Christopher didn't overhear them as he was too
relaxed as he enjoyed himself.

<< Back At The Island Of Elu >>

The ground were broken apart with deep holes and cracks.

Witch Bola: Hahaha, those weaklings they were not even worth my time.
I gave them too much credit.

The thick dust started dying out.

Witch Bola: I think I have to call my sisters now, they need to see
her their Queen dealt with these weaklings.

Just as she turned her back she heard noises behind her.
She turned back and saw Dokubo and Boss standing before her.

Witch Bola: What! How did you survive?
Dokubo: You will pay for this.
Boss: You will pay for what you did to my friends.
Witch Bola: Hahahaha, hahahaha. Atleast I did away with two. Now it is
the time for you two to meet your end!!

Watch Out For The Next Exciting Episode!!

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