Clinton And The 7 Witches (Season 2, Episode 14)

If you missed the episode 13 of this season, please read it here


<< A Mission To Save Apha!! >>

The great wizard Emeka had told Abdulrasaq that Apha was still alive
in the witches domain.
Abdulrasaq was suprised and at the same time happy.

Emeka: If he is not saved soon enough we will lose him forever.
Abdulrasaq: Soon enough? That's kind of to fast.
Emeka: Telling Clinton and the others wouldn't be a good idea.
Abdulrasaq: Sure it wouldn't be a good idea.
Emeka: So what are we going to do? We are certainly running out of time.
Abdulrasaq: I think I will ask my people for help.
Emeka: Really? That's good.
Abdulrasaq: I will be meeting with them somewhere else so that the
kids here wouldn't ask any questions.
Emeka: Yes, that's good.

Abdulrasaq brought his messenger pigeon and cast a spell on it, the
pigeon dissappeared immediately to Abdulrasaq's tribe with his

Before I forget, the name of the cursed tribe was the Dragon tribe.

The six swordsmen and their teacher were still talking outside.

Timo: You girls are keeping secrets from us.
Temi: What about that? You simple have to concentrate and you will get
to see what we saw.
Ebuka: I don't care anymore though, we men are stronger, very soon we
will get to see even more than you all saw.
Aisha: Keep dreaming, this is just a proof that we ladies are stronger.
Boyo: Well, it's just a matter of time.
Clinton: I was just thinking. This argument is getting us nowhere.
We have to resume training.
Christopher: Exactly! Your damn argument won't get you guys anywhere.
You all better shut up and get back to training.
Temi: Yea, I going with you on this one teacher.
Aisha: Yea, sure.

The six swordsmen all went back to their training.

<< In The White Witches Home >>

The white witches were outside playing with some of the fairies.

Lucy: Sisters, what do you think about the coming war?
Emily: The war huh? Bola and her group will be defeated once and for all.
Rosy: And the afterlife dimension will open so that they could be
where they ought to be.
Rachael: Oku' mmou (hellfire)!
Lucy: Yes, I hope Abdulrasaq's son got what it takes.
Rachael: Sure, the dwarves also have to get ready.
Lucy: You know, they are always ready.
Emily: (Smiles) Yes, they always are.

<< At The Dragon Tribe >>

The pigeon Abdulrasaq sent had delivered the message to the tribe's
chief warrior, Asari.
A messenger was sent to call the four best teen warriors, Dokubo,
Boss, Moon and Nkiruka.
Boss: Dokubo why do you think Asari is looking for us? That guy hardly
talks to us for the past three months.
Dokubo: He had always be busy, that's why.
Boss: Okay, so can you guess why we are being called now?
Dokubo: No idea.
Boss: I see, maybe he wants to congratulate us for the missions we
have completed.
Nkiruka: Oh! Boss will you stop!
Boss: Any problem big boobs?
Nkiruka: I appreciate you liking my boobs, but can you stop asking
nonsense questions till we get there?
Boss: Okay, if you say so.

Just then they got to where Asari said they should meet him.

Moon: We are here!
Dokubo: Yes.
Boss: And where is the old guy!

A man in his late thirties came out.

Asari: Who are you calling old? I look just like I was in my twenties.
Boss: Really?
Asari: Yes.
Nkiruka: Boss, you better stop asking any stupid questions.
Boss: Okay.
Moon: (Talks in her mind) Very soon the both of them (Boss and
Nkiruka) will definitely get along. I just hope my Dokubo feel the
same way I do.

Asari: (Coughs) You all must be wondering why you are being called here.
Boss: Sure.
Asari: Can you keep your mouth shut for a while?
Boss: I'm sorry.
Asari: This may come as a suprise to you all, but lord Abdulrasaq
needs your help in a task.
Dokubo: It will be an honour for me.
Boss: Hahaha, lord Abdulrasaq himself? It is so great.
Nkiruka: I think it's going to be an interesting task.
Moon: I think it would rather be a tough one.

Asari: Okay. It is a rescue mission in the witches castle.
Dokubo: Rescue mission? Who are we going to rescue?
Asari: A friend of his son.
Boss: Hmm, why can't his son and his friends do it?
Dokubo: It's simple, they are not yet strong enough.
Asari: Yes, they are not yet strong enough. The witches powers have
returned to them a little. So the four of you are the best for this.
Dokubo: Bring it on!
Boss: If the big guy (Dokubo) is okay with it, I'm too.
Nkiruka: I'm ready too.
Moon: Same here.
Asari: Alright, get ready for battle. You will be called back very soon.
Boss: No problem!

The four of them left.

Nkiruka: Why is it that none of us got scared when we heard the witches castle.
Boss: It's simple. The witches are still in a bad shape.
Moon: I guess that's it.
Dokubo: No. It's because we have been preparing for a day like this
for a very long time!!


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