Explanation To The Poem "Alone In The Desert"

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If you had read the peom you would have thought that the character was
in a real life desert. You should know that it wasn't really a desert.

The desert represented emptiness, loneliness and despair.

The oasis the character was looking for actually was hope and friends.
Even though the character successfully found hope and friends, reality
dawned on him.

It was just an imagination and he felt that the human race had gone to

The human race refered to his friends and family. It also refers to
where he called home and study.

The poem was actually about a character who suddenly realised that he
was alone. His family and friends had left him in the lurch and he had
no place to call home.

In despair he searched and tried to see if they would come back but
they didn't.

It was then he concluded that he was really alone.

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You should also know that the real meaning of poems are not always on
the surface, you have to think deep to know what message/idea the poet
is passing across.

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