Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 10 (The End)

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 9 of this story, please read it here


<< The End >>

Two weeks after the B Gang had raided the bullion van the three
gentlemen were in the city enjoying life.

They met at a popular hotel were they met for the first time in five
days because they all went to their different ways.

Anayo: Oboi e dun tey wey we meet o.
Tunde: Na business things o.
Anayo: No tell me sey you no dey carry girls.
Tunde: That one dey, but na with sense. You no know who be who for the city.
Anayo: Hahaha, dey deceive yourself there. I dun almost carry every
girl wey dey this town.
Musa: Mumu. So na there you dey waste your money?
Anayo: You wetin you dun do?
Musa: Dey there! I dun start cow business last week, na 250k profit I
dey make per day. Very soon e go increase to 1 million.
Anayo: Hmm, that one concern you be that o. I dey spend my money how I like am.
Tunde: Na when e go finish naim your eye go open.
Musa: Tunde make we leave this madman talk the main thing.
Tunde: Anayo, you remember sey na tomorrow we dey go village?
Anayo: Yes. That yeye Nkechi go dey beg me.
Musa: Na wao! Make woman no put you for trouble o.
Anayo: Na person like me wey woman go put for trouble? I know their ways jare.
Tunde: (Clears throat) Na for this hotel we go meet tomorrow by 9am.
Anayo: No problem, I dun book one girl wey go take care of me tonight.
Tunde: You too dey change topic to woman matter.
Musa: Una notice something?
Tunde: No.
Musa: Clinton and the rest of B Gang members no dey stay for barrack again.
Anayo: Wetin concern us? Them dun go enjoy life jare.
Tunde: Okay, we go meet here for 9am tomorrow.

The three of them talked for a while and went back to their various ways.

The 5million naira prize for who ever has any meaningful information
that would lead to the arrest of the criminals who raided the bullion
van was still on.

That night Anayo carried a thick ebony lady to a hotel.

They both ate and drank at the hotel.
When it was 10pm they both retired to the bedroom where they both had
more drink.

Anayo was so drunk that he was saying many things without realising it.

Anayo: Baby, I'm a millionaire. I can give you anything you, just mention it.
Lady: Uhm, I don't know what to say now. Maybe later in the morning, I
want to remember somethings.
Anayo: No problem. Anytime just tell me.
Lady: Wow, your company must be a very big one.
Anayo: Company? I'm a criminal.
Lady: Eh?
Anayo: Hehehe, na me and my friends steal for that bullion van.

The lady immediately remembered the bullion van story and the award
for any information that would lead to the arrest of the criminals.
She wanted the money, knowing that Anayo was drunk she asked about his friends.

Lady: Eh? So where are this your friends?
Anayo: You want to see them?
Lady: Yes.
Anayo: Okay. Tomorrow morning I will be meeting them at Baba Gbenga Hotel.
Lady: Okay.

She poured more drink for him and they had s.ex.

The next morning they both dressed up to meet Musa and Tunde.

Before then while Anayo was still asleep she called the police and
told them everythin. So they police were tailing them that morning to
where Musa and Tunde were.

Anayo and the lady both reached where Musa and Tunde were.
The four of them exchanged greetings and before they knew what
happened they had been surrounded by a team of policemen.

Officer 1: The three of you are under arrest for raiding a bullion
van. You are to remain silent because whatever you say will be used
against you in the court of law.
Musa: Kai! How them take know?
Lady: Through me ofcourse, I really need that 5million naira prize.
Tunde: Chai! Anayo dun kill us.

The three of them were taken to the police station where they were interogated.

After confession the police went to chase the other B Gang members.
The other B Gang members were no where to be found so the police
posted their pictures all over the city and declared them wanted.

Meanwhile Anayo and his friends Musa and Tunde were sentenced to
thirty years imprisonment.

Musa: Chai, na because of this mumu Anayo naim we take dey here.
Anayo: I no go carry woman again.
Tunde: Idiot, you for carry woman inside prison before?
Anayo: I'm a stupid.
Musa: No be only stupid, you dey mad.
Tunde: Chai, Anayo your brain dey useless.

After 5years other members of the B Gang were caught and sentenced to prison.

Crime Doesn't Pay!!


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