Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 6

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.
If you missed the episode 5 of this story, please read it here


<< Egi City >>

Anayo, Tunde and Musa finally reached Egi city by 7pm. The city was
very much busy at night and the three gentlemen were so overwhelmed.

Anayo: Oboi o, this city go make o.
Musa: Walai! E go good for my suya business.
Tunde: Hehe, see wetin I dey call city.
Musa: Make we go do small sight seeing abeg.
Anayo: Musa I think sey you get sense o, shuu. We just dey land and na night.
Musa: Oga sense I no call your name own.
Tunde: Make una two stop jare. As we dun land here the first thing na
to find where to stay.
Anayo: Good idea, make we go ashawo house na. You know, man must stretch e body.
Musa: Anayo, God give you sense you carry go give fowl.
Tunde: Hmm, time no dey. Make we start to dey find where we go sleep.
Anayo: Oya na.

The three of the walked looking for where they could rest their heads
for the night.

<< Back In Anayo's Apartment At Akwa Ibom >>

Aunty Sisi and her girls had already put Anayo's apartment to use.
The girls were having wild fun with their customers.

Meanwhile the landlord, Ndu and his seven friends were near the apartment.
Their plan was to beat the hell out of the three gentlemen, but
unfortunately the three gentleman was no longer there and only Ndu
They heared ladies moaning so loudly.

Landlord: Na wetin I dey hear so?
Ndu: Papa what?
Landlord: Can't you hear it? Some girls are shouting eh, eh, eh, aww.
Ndu: (Laughs) Papa you self sabi the sound well o.
Landlord: Will you shut up? How many years am I?
Ndu: I dun hear.
Landlord: Anyway, it must be the three of them wasting their N500 on ladies.
Ndu: Papa how did you know the amount they paid?
Landlord: Me' chie' onu gi now. Let's wait for the in their front.

The nine of them proceeded to the front of the apartment and were met
by hot looking girls dressed seducively.

Aunty Sisi: Welcome customers.
Landlord: Chineke!

Before the landlord knew aunty Sisi has started rubbing his chest.

Landlord: Am I in the dream land? Somebody should wake me up o.

The other girls were unto the others.

Ndu: Papa na real life be this o.
Aunty Sisi: (To the landlord) How do you want it? I will give it to
you just that way.
Landlord: E be like sey something enter my ear, you say anyhow I want am?
Aunty Sisi: Yes, since you are the landlord I'm going to give you a
round for free.
Landlord: Aah, my body dey sweet me.
Aunty Sisi: Come one let's go inside.
Landlord: Ndu!
Ndu: Yes Papa.
Landlord: Don't tell your sister about this oh.
Ndu: No problem Baba, go enjoy your life.

The landlord and Aunty Sisi headed for the room.

Ndu: Hehe, so my Papa na bad guy eh. No wonder people dey talk sey I
resemble am for everything.
Girl 1: Ndu, let's enjoy ourselves.
Ndu: Yes o. (To his seven friends) Make we enjoy this ones wey dey here.

Ndu, his seven friends and few girls went over to a corner of the apartment.

<< Back To Egi City >>

It was 08:24pm and the three gentleman hadn't found anywhere they could sleep.

Anayo: Nawa o, we never see house since. We go dey sleep for market?
Tunde: No be me and you jare.
Musa: Yes, na only people with half brain dey think like that.
Anayo: You wey get full brain na wetin you dun do?
Tunde: (Laughs) Nawa o.

Suddenly five boys appeared from nowhere, they were David, Wilson,
Favour and Prince. They were members of the taskforce Clinton founded
to get money from newcomers in the town.

David: Hey, who goes there?

The bold voice sent shiver down the spine of the three gentlemen.

Anayo: Na we o.
David: Na who be we?
Anayo: We be travellers.
David: Eh? That one mean sey una new for her bah.
Anayo: Yes.
Prince: Good, make una do the normal thing. Pay marching ground money now.
Anayo: we no get money o.
David: I hate stubborn people, we go send una to our barrack.
Anayo: Barrack?
David: Yes, na we militant.
Musa: Eh, Anayo give them the money o.
Anayo: Which money?
Tunde: Anayo give them the money now.

Favour: Hehehe, we know how to handle people like you. We go treat una
fuck up for barrack.
Anayo: Abeg take the money.
David: Keep am na. Boys make we drag them go barrack.
Musa: Abeg.
Samuel: Shut up!

Clinton's taskforce dragged the three gentlemen as they plead to where
their barrack was.

What do you think will happen to them?


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