Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 7

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 6 of this story please read it here


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The three gentlemen were dragged to Clinton's camp because Anayo was
adamant at first in not giving the taskforce money, when the situation
changed Anayo begged them to take the money but it was too late.

Clinton's taskforce dragged the three of them to their camp which they
call their barrack.
The barrack was at the ghetto part of the city.

David and his men reached the barrack.

David: We dun reach, mai go check whether Oga dey.

The three gentlemen were shaken in fear.

Anayo: Chai o, na so person go take die?
Musa: Shut up, na you go die.
Favour: Make una shut up now before we hasten your judgement.
Tunde: Sorry sir, we wouldn't say anything again.
Favour: I say make you shut up and you still dey yarn nonsense.

Tunde held his lips immediately.

David came back smoking igbo.

David: Chairman no dey o.
Samuel: So wetin we go do with them?
David: Make we throw them enter that store, tomorrow Chairman go enter barrack.
Samuel: (Kicks Anayo) Oya make una move!

They took the three of them to dark store and locked it.

Anayo: Chai, na me be this? See how them do my chieftaincy attire.
Musa: Mumu, we be hostage now and na your dress you dey think of.
Anayo: Wetin come concern you?
Tunde: Anayo you know wetin you be?
Anayo: You wan start?
Tunde: You be werey! Na you cause why we dey here so. If sey na me
hold the money, na bar we for dey now dey jolly.
Anayo: So na me una come dey blame abi?
Musa: Na you eh. Common sense you no get. Here na city, if you do
anyhow you go see anyhow.
Anayo: I no blame una sha. Those boys dey lucky sey na night. I for
show them my karate style.
Tunde: Nawa o, mumu man.
Anayo: Tomorrow una go see.
Tunde: Okay o, we go wait till tomorrow.

The three gentlemen all went to sleep.

The door of the store was opened around 7am and the sun shined into the store.

David: Idiots make una wake up, our chairman dun come.

They kicked the three of them and dragged them out.

The gentlemen opened their eyes and saw a fair muscular guy with
beards, they were afraid instantly. The guy was Clinton.

Clinton: So na una no wan pay marching ground money abi.

His voice was frightening and the three gentlemen opened their mouths in shock.

Clinton: Una no get mouth to talk abi? Una want drilling.

Anayo: No, biko nwanne we are just gentlemen.
Clinton: You dey call me nwanne, I resemble your brother?
Musa: No mind am, na craze man. We go do anything.
Clinton: Anything, make una start by bringing your monies.

The three gentlemen hurriedly brought out all their money and gave it
to Clinton.

Clinton: Good, nice boys.
Anayo: Thank you sir.
Clinton: Una try but for being stubborn we go drill una.
Musa: Aah abeg, abeg.
Clinton: David!
David: Boss!
Clinton: Make una go treat their fuckup for backyard.

Anayo, Musa and Tunde were taken to the backyard where they were being flogged.

Meanwhile back in the village at Akwa Ibom state, the landlord had
given Anayo's apartment free to Aunty Sisi under the agreement that he
would be given a free round of s.ex anytime he comes.

Ndu: Sisi, shey I tell you. My papa na bad guy.
Aunty Sisi: Hahaha, na true my dear.
Ndu: So how you and my papa do last night?
Aunty Sisi: Hmm, that your old man strong o. We go three rounds.
Ndu: No wonder e still dey sleep till now.
Aunty Sisi: Hahaha, abeg go you go help us pack all those yeye boys property.
Ndu: No wahala.

In Egi city after Anayo, Musa and Tunde were drilled and given all
sorts of punishments Clinton called them.

Clinton: (Smokes) Shey una like as we beat una so?
Anayo: N.....
Musa: Yes! Yes! We like am well well, in fact e dey sweet us for body.
Clinton: Good. I like that.
Una get any relatives for this city?
Anayo: No, na only God we get.
Clinton: (laughs) Una wan die?
Tunde: No o, never.

Clinton: If una eye no shine for this city eh, una go miss o.
Tunde: We go try.
Clinton: Shut up! I still dey talk. So as una no get house we fit help
una o. Una need help?
Musa: Yes!
Clinton: Well una go work for us, una go dey see money anyhow steady.
If na girls we dey carry them plenty for here.
Anayo: Ah, we go work.
Clinton: Una sure?
The three: Yes sir.
Clinton: Okay, make una go baff first. Favour attend to them, buy
bread and fayrouz for them too.
Favour: Yes boss, oya make we dey go.

The three gentlemen followed Favour.

Clinton: We dun get new recruits for our big operation.
David: Yes boss, we go dey watch them sha. They cannot be trusted yet.
Clinton: I know.


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