Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 8

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 7 of this story please read it here


<< B Gang >>

Anayo, Musa and Tunde had their bath and started eating the bread and
fayrouz bought for them.

Anayo: Aah we dun suffer no be small o.
Musa: You still dey complain as them leave us?
Tunde: No mind am, im brain circuit dey touch.
Anayo: Chai, see as una dey do. Them dun tear that my chieftancy cloth, imagine!
Musa: Abeg lower your voice down before them go hear.
Anayo: Shut up! Why I go lower.....

Anayo hadn't finished completing his statement when Favour walked in.

Favour: Una never do finish?
Anayo: Yes sir.
Favour: Eh? Make una do fast jhoor, Chairman dey wait una and he is
not a patient man.
Musa: We dey your back.

Favour left.

Tunde: (laughs) Anayo! I think sey you been dey talk before.
Musa: No mind am, na real coward.
Anayo: If una like make una no chop quick.

Few minutes later the three of them went over to see the chairman (Clinton).

Anayo: We dun come.
Clinton: Una dey challenge me? Since wey I call una.
Musa: No vex, we lost for road.
Clinton: (Laughs). You no well.
Musa: Yes, I no well.
Clinton: Make una no fear, una dun join the family. Shey una wan make money?
Tunde: Yes.
Clinton: Shey una wan dey carry girls?
Anayo: Yes o.
Clinton: Good. The name of our family is the B Gang. And today the
three of you will do your first assignment.
Anayo: Yes.
Clinton: (Points to some police uniforms) Una see this thing?
Tunde: Yes, na police uniform.
Clinton: Good, the three of una go wear am. Una go go one road so,
make una make better cash then come back by 6pm.
Anayo: Choi! We go make money.
Musa: Walai!
Tunde: We dun make am!
Anayo: Hehehe, that Nkechi go dey beg me to notice am.
Clinton: Make una wear am fast make David go show una the road.
Anayo: Okay sir.

In just two minutes the three of them dressed up in the police uniforms.

After they were done David took them to the road.

David: Oya, na the road be this. Make una make big money o!
Anayo: No shaking.
Musa: I sabi am for that one.
Tunde: Me too.
David: No shaking, we na family now. B Gang!

David left!

Anayo: Hehe, guys na our chance to run be this o.
Musa: You dey craze!
Tunde: Werey o!
Anayo: Hahaha, I just dey joke abeg. Na who wan miss chance like this?
Tunde: Eh? No try that kind joke again o.
Musa: That one na expensive joke!
Anayo: Okay, car dey come.

A car was passing that route and they stopped the driver.

Anayo: Stop!
Driver: (Suprised because policemen don't normally stay on that route) Yes sir.
Anayo: Bring your particulars. A car was stolen yesterday, we mounted
our roadblock here to track it down.
Driver: Brings out his particulars.
Anayo: (Checks the driver license and called Musa and Tunde) Do they
resemble each other?
Musa: No.
Tunde: Mr. Man come down, the person in this driver license do not resemble you.
Driver: (Comes out) I'm the person, it's photocopy.
Anayo: Shut up, you are a criminal.
Musa: After we take you to the station your body go tell you.
Driver: Abeg sir. I no thief.
Tunde: Why you dey beg us? You no sabi the normal thing?
Anayo: Bring 5k or we dey go station!
Driver: Na 2k I get here.
Anayo: Aah! My ear dey pain me? Na for this Buhari economy?
Driver: Abeg.
Anayo: Oya bring 4k.
Driver: Officer na 3500 naira.
Anayo: Oya bring am!

The driver gave them the money.

Anayo: Oya go!

The driver drove away.

Anayo: Yes, we go make money.
Musa: We go make am for here. Money o!

They made a lot of money until 4pm.

Anayo: Na N36600 we make minus all the things we dun chop.

Musa: Make we stop two more cars.
Tunde: Make we pocket 2k each.
Anayo: That one na sense too.

They all shared 2k.

Anayo: Make car do pass here jhoor.

Suddendly they heared a police siren very close.

Anayo: Police! Police! Make we run!

The three of them ran back to their camp, they reached there panting heavily.

Clinton: Na wetin?
Anayo: Police.
Clinton: Okay, make una relax. Na so e dey be sometimes. Make una go baff.

The three of them took their bath and returned.

Anayo: Chairman na N30600 we make o.
Clinton: Nice one. Make una take 3500 each.
Anayo: Thank you.
Clinton: This is a good sign. I think the three of you will join us in
our big plan.
Anayo: Big plan?

Expect The Next Episode!

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