Gentlemen On The Highway Episode 9

This Comedy Story Is Written Mostly With The Nigerian Pidgin.

If you missed the episode 8 of this story, please read it here

<< The Big Plan >>

Clinton finally called all the members of B Gang together with Anayo,
Musa and Tunde in attendance.

Clinton: (Clears throat) Shey una remember our big plan?
Anayo: No.
Clinton: Okay. Samuel oya explain to them.
Samuel: Yes boss. Early morning tomorrow by 4am we go rob bullion van.
Anayo: Billion wetin?
Samuel: Na bullion van.
Anayo: Wetin be bullion van?
Samuel: Na the car them dey use carry money go bank.
Tunde: Oshe! We dun blow!
Musa: Walai! I go start cow business soon.
Anayo: Hahaha, that mumu girl go dey beg me now o.

Clinton: Una dun hold gun before?
Anayo: No o.
Clinton: Okay na the three of you go dey pack the money enter Ghana Must Go bag.
Tunde: I think sey security dey follow them.
Clinton: Make una no fear, those policemen na chewing gun. We go dey
exchange fire with them while una go dey pack the cash.
Anayo: No walm!
Clinton: David and Wilson go set road block around 3am, and we go hide
dey wait.
Anayo: Chairman I like your stye! We go soon dey count millions!
Clinton: No shaking. Make we all prepare.

The B Gang began their preparation, they were done by 3am and
proceeded to the highway where David and Wilson placed road blocks.

Anayo, Tunde and Musa were with three Ghana-Must-Go bags.

Anayo: Thank God sey we meet the B Gang oh, chai now our lives dey
come better. I go dey carry plenty girls with different shapes and
size of nyash.
Tunde: Idiot, make we finish for here.
Musa: Hehehe, life is good with B Gang.

Around 4am they heard the car sound of a car speeding from a distance.

Clinton: Make una get ready, the operation will soon begin.
All: Yes.
Clinton: Anayo una know wetin una go do na.
Anayo: Yes.

Suddenly the bullion with full speed clashed with the road blocks and
tumbled. The policemen behind it made to stop but Clinton and his men
started firing shots at them.

The policemen returned the fire, this led to a cross fire which
diverted the policemen attention from the bullion van.

Anayo, Musa and Tunde quickly stole the opportunity and started
packing cash into the bags they carried.

The crossfire lasted for ten minutes, by that time Anayo and co had
succesfully carried out their own part of the operation.

Officer 1: Go and get the driver, we have to take him to the hospital
Officer 2: Yes sir.
Officer 1: It's good we didn't give them the chance to break through the van.
Officer 3: Sir the van have been broken into.
Officer 1: What? We engaged them in a gun battle before they ran away.
Officer 3: It seems sir that the gun battle was just to divert our
attention from their main plan.
Officer 1: Damn it! So they already had men waiting. They planned this
very well, clever criminals.
Officer 2: I have secured the driver sir.
Officer 1: Good, let's move. I will send a report to the station on the way.

The police men drove off.

Meanwhile Anayo and the rest of the B Gang had regrouped at their barrack.

Clinton: Did you guys get the money?
Anayo: Yes.

They brought out the Ghana-Must-Go bags loaded with cash.
Clinton: Yes, this is good. We are rich.
David: Yes Chairman. We are rich!
Clinton: Wetin be the time now?
David: 5 'O Clock.
Clinton: Good, we go share the money now.
David: We we count am first.
Clinton: Just count one bag and times it with the others.

David, Samuel, Favour and Prince started counting the money.

There was 50million naira in one bag times three giving them N150,000,00.00.

Clinton: Very good. Give Anayo and im brothers ten million each, na
them do the job.
Anayo: Ten million naira.? Thank you very much chairman.
Clinton: It's my pleasure. Make una use am enjoy life.
Musa: Thank you very much.

Anayo, Musa and Tunde were given ten million naira each.

Anayo: Men, we dun make am be this o.
Musa: Yes my guy. Na to chop the money nyafu nyafu.
Tunde: Make we go flex jhoor.

The morning news read " Bullion Van Raided While Police Escort Team
Was Under Fire".

It was also announced that five million naira would be given to anyone
who has any useful information that would lead to the arrest of the

Would the three gentlemen go back to the village flexing their
muscles? Or would they be caught?

Watch Out For The Final Episode Of This Interesting Story!

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