Must Read: The Jungle Called Nigeria Part 1

Nigeria can be best described as a jungle because the country is
lawless and the wind of anarchy is spreading all over the country.

Nigeria is a country where the law makers are the law breakers. So if
those who make the law are the same as those who break the law, will
the masses obey the laws?

It is known that good leaders shows good example but here in Nigeria
it is the so called leaders that encourage many social vices.

It pains me as a Nigeria to see the way the country is moving as if
it's on autopilot with no one in control.
Nigeria is a country who voted in a president that incited violence
via his words before coming to power.
During one of the presidential election campaigns the current
president Mohammadu Buhari said the dog and baboon will be soaked in
Mohammadu Buhari once said that the attack against the Islamic terror
group was anti North, yet Nigerians voted him in because of
tribal/ethnic/religious affiliations.

I have said it before on one of my articles that in the next general
elections the youths of this country should look beyond tribe and
religion, so that the affairs of the nation can be run by competent

Nigeria is a country where the red chamber will use the plenary
sessions in discussing how the Economic And Financial Crime Comission
is chasing them, instead of this senators to do what they were elected
What is the big deal if the EFCC is after you? In a sane clime you
defend yourself or resign.

Why then are the members of the red chamber pannicking? It is because
they are guilty as charged.
That's why they spend the time they should use in passing laws that
would develop the nation in discussing their own personal misfortunes.

Imagine we are already in the 5th month of the year 2017 and this
year's budget have not been passed.
You see? The country is on autopilot with no one in charge.

It is not only the legislative arm of government that is guilty but
also other arms.

The courts in Nigeria is of the rich by the rich and for the rich.
You will see judges delaying judgement when it comes to the those in
political offices, but when it comes to the ordinary citizens they
give their judgement out of proportion.

Who is the presidency?
This was a question asked by the suspended SGF Babachir Lawal.
In the nearest future the question might be, who is the president?
Funny right? Whether funny or not it is possible in our dear country
Nigeria which has turned into a jungle.
The question asked by the suspended SGF Babachir Lawal speaks volume,
is it that Lawal don't know who the presidency is? Or was he
indirectly asking who is president Mohammadu Buhari? Who is he to
suspend me?
The question even made me to ask myself, who is the presidency?
This question asked by the suspended SGF shows how arrogant Nigerian
political office holders are.
They feel on top of the world and think they own the country
forgetting that they were sent there by the people as mere
representatives to make life easy for the masses.

In my country the leadership is dead, what we have in Nigeria is
rulership. The political office holders feel like those officers are
their birth rights.
Imagine governors that are owing many months salaries were busy
advertising their candidates in the this year's #BBNaija.
You see? Nigeria is in a sorry state.

Governance is not for fun but a serious business. It is evident that
running the country or the state is not the Number one priority of our
politicians .

Nigerians have been taken for joke, ethnicity has overuled competency
in Nigeria. Religious affiliation has overuled competency in Nigeria.

In Nigeria almost everything is connection, and it is popularly known
as Man Know Man.

What are the youths doing? Nothing! The youths are silent. The youths
pick sides in argument because of ethnic or religious affiliations.

If you ask them, why did you support this man? You will hear something
like, he's a muslim/christian that's why I voted for him. Or you will
hear, because he is from my village and married from my mother's
family. Or you this, I voted for him because he is Igbo/Yoruba/Hausa.

When the youths are voting in representatives through the criteria
above, how would the country become a better place?

We have good youths but their voices have been drowned by those of the
majority youths who are ethnic/religiously biased.
It is because of the gullibility of the Nigeria youths that the
Governor of Kano states who always sleeps during events came out to
say he was always pretending.
That got me laughing, the political office holders have no regard for
those who voted them in.

Do you know why?
The youths sold themselves out!
During elections you will see them taking N500 in exchange for their votes.
I would have liked to say more but I have reached the text limit of
the device I'm using. So expect the Part 2 of this article anytime
next week.

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