Must Read: The Jungle Called Nigeria Part 2

If you missed the first part of this article, read it

Like I said in the first part of the article the youths of this
country always sell their mandate out during election.
If you sell your mandate for N500 or two indomie hungry man packs do
you think the person you voted for will take you serious?
Certainly no!

The youths are always the pillar of every nation, a nation stands tall
if its pillar is strong and unshakable.
If the youths of a country are compromised the country will shake, so
is Nigeria shaking because the youths are ethnic/religiously biased.

Someone said that he thought only the uneducated ones are religious
and ethnic bigots in the country, but he was suprised to see educated
ones joining the gang.

The youths always abuse themselves online and also transfer the
agression offline.

The ethnic groups in Nigeria have been stereotyped, if someone sees a
Niger Deltan youth the first thing that comes to mind is militancy. If
it's Igbo it is Drug pushing, Yorubas are stereotyped as ritualists
and the northeners are stereotyped as BokoHaram.

What is the reason for the generalisation of people from the different
regions of the country?
Could it be that the education sector is not doing well enough? The
education sector in the country may no be that good but it couldn't be

I believe that everyone must have learned in Social Studies that we
are all one Nigeria.
The youths are simply gullible!!

The politicians are the ones benefiting from this and the youths are
the one who suffer in the end.

What is the Nation Orientation Agency of Nigeria doing to stop this
ethnic hatred and stereotype?
Truely the orientation of the youths need to change.

We must stop the generalisation, because something happens much
somewhere doesn't mean that everyone there does the same.

Every Igbo man is not a drug smuggler.
Every Niger Deltan is not a militant.
Every Yoruba man is not a ritualist.
Every Hausa/Fulani man is not a Boko Haram member.

This must get to the skull of every tribal/ethnic bigot in the nation.

When youths have been divided they are actually playing into the hands
of the politicians. It is want they want, one of their greatest
arsenal is the divide and rule system!

Nigeria is a country where BAIL IS FREE is boldly written in a police
station but they will still charge you for bail.

Nigeria is a country where every phenomena has a religious or
supersitious implication.
If a little thing happens most Nigerians will start blaming people
from the village.

For example if someone earns a huge salary monthly but spent it
unwisely without using it for any investment, go and ask him why he is
wasting his money without doing anything reasonable. He will say the
people in his village are toying with his destiny.
When ever I hear such I simply walk away because trying to convince
him that he is the cause might lead to a brawl between the two of you.

Any little sickness you will hear "witches in my village are after me".
The people will walk from one place to other without going to the
hospital for medical healthcare.

This is one of the reason why I like the growth of Atheism in the
country because many are being free from their various religious
doctrines which are taking them backward.

The religious leaders are not helping matters at all, a popular pastor
in Nigeria said that mental disorder was a spiritual problem and the
church is the place to get healed. You see how the religion is making
us move backward in Nigeria.

The truth is most Nigerians obey the words of their religious leaders
instead of their holy books.

Nigeria is a country where the citizens believe that a water or olive
oil can cure all sorts of sicknesses, chase away witches (which are
just imaginary).

If the citizens are putting the efforts they put in these things to
developing the nation, believe me our dear country will become a
better place in a short time.

The political office holders always say what the public wants to hear
but do the opposite instead.
In the end no one protests because of the majority are ethnic/religious bigots.

Below is the link to an article I wrote 9 months ago on what we the
Nigerian youths should do before voting in the 2019 general elections

I hereby call on all Nigerians to be united! Let our religion not define us!
Let our tribe not define us!
Let Nigeria define us!!!

We can make the country to be great! We can make Nigeria stand tall.
Let's just put our differences aside and work toward making the
nation a better place.

Long Live Nigeria!!!

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