Must Read: The Truth About Nigeria In Erigga's Panda Cover

You might not be a fan of Erigga, but listening to his songs will
change your mind.
Although his lines are too vulgar, you have to listen deep and you
will find out that he is always passing out meaningful information.

I'm not the type that listen to music without trying to grasp the
coded message, I always do get the messages.

One thing about Erigga is that he sings relating to what is in his
environment, he doesn't care if you call him local or whatever. He's
just relating with the people.

That's one particular line in his Panda cover remix (#EOPC) that tells
what's happening in the country.

The line says, "In A World Of Poor Graduates And Rich Criminals I Made
It Big..." .

You might have heared this line and repeated it without trying to get
the message he was trying to sent across.

The world of poor graduates and rich criminals he was talking about
was Nigeria!

Nigeria is a country where criminals are glorified and kept in charge
of running the nation's affairs, while trained graduates are not
usually looked on.

In a world of poor graduates and rich criminals I made it big I wish
my grandmama can see me now!

The line also shows that he was happy that despite the odds he was
able to make it in such a country.

Criminals are not just those who steals money but also those who forge
results to get to higher positions and also those who rigs election
thereby stealing the mandate of the people.

Erigga just summarised Nigeria with just one rap line!

For the legit graduates and hardworking Nigerian youths out there,
keep the spirit alive and one day our country shall be great again!

Long Live Nigeria!!!

Meanwhile, be expecting "The Jungle Called Nigeria Part 2" anytime soon.

To the Jambites in the house I wish you all the best!

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