My Quotes Of The Week

Happy sunday to you all!
I'm back with my quotes of the week!!
I got three quotes for you guys this week, read and enjoy!

1. The Products Of Today Are The Works Of Yesterday.

Meaning: Everything you see today were thought and worked on yesterday.
All the drugs you buy for your health was as a result of many years of research.
Even the phone you use are also as a result of many months of research.
Where ever you are in life today is as a result what you did yesterday.

2. It Takes A Goku To Help A Bulma.

Meaning: It takes strength, skill, adaptation and intelligence to
accomplish a task.

Are you wandering what is Goku and Bulma? They are two characters in
DragonBall anime.
When the both of them started in the beginning searching for the
BallZ, Goku was the strength and he adapted to every situation while
Bulma was the intelligence.

3. Result Always Matters Not Hardwork.

Meaning: No matter what you do, how hard you work. It is only the
result that people notice.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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