Naija Campus Girls (18+) Episode 9

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<< Chika's Final Move >>

After getting the sex clip Bisi recorded last night, Chika duplicated
it and decided she was going to use it and stop the chase on lesbians
by the police.

Chika: Hello girls. I have changed my mind, we are no longer going to
be playing games with the police.
Bisi: Boss lady we don't understand.
Chika: Bisi I'm so proud of you, you have given us what we need to
stop hiding as we do.
Bisi: I don't understand.
Chika: I am going to meet officer Anayo tonight and show him this video.
Bisi: What?
Chika: Don't worry, the officer has a reputation to protect. He also
have a family. I will tell him that we wouldn't upload the video as
long as he keeps the police away from us.
Janet: No more police chasing us? That one good.
Bisi: Okay, what about the Fat Ass Girls? They can attack us anytime.

Chika: Don't worry about that, the leaders of the various lesbian
groups held a meeting and decided we all merge into one lesbian
umbrella disguising as women rights activists.
Bisi: Hmm, women rights activists? That's cool.
Chika: Yes. And don't worry about the Fat Ass Girls, Mike is on top of
the situation.
Bisi: Boss lady we respect your decision.
Chika: Is their anyone in this room that is against the decision?

No one opposed the decision.

Chika: Good, so tonight I shall meet officer Anayo. I got his contact already.
Bisi: Boss lady nothing do you!

On the other side Mike had arranged two cultists groups, and they
invaded the Rugged Boys and Fat Ass Girls camp.
They went in and shot everyone on site, only few of the Rugged Boys
and Fat Ass Girls members escaped.

Mike had some connection with the school newspaper, the headline would
be "Cultists Massacred In A Rival Cult Clash".

Evening came and Chika was sitting in a restaurant with off Anayo.
They were discussing for a while then Chika started.

Chika: Officer I know you are in our campus because you are looking
for lesbians.
Anayo: What? How did you know?
Chika: (Smiles) I know everything.
Anayo: Come on, I'm serious. How did you know?
Chika: I have many connections, many of my friends are in various
government agencies.
Anayo: Hmm, you must be a big girl then. So do you want to help me?
Chika: No, I here to tell you to stop.
Anayo: (Laughs) What? You must be joking.
Chika: You are going to be in a very big mess if you don't stop.
Anayo: What? Is that a threat? Do you even realise that you are
talking to an officer of the law?
Chika: Hmm, maybe what I will show you will change your mind.
Anayo: Nothing can change my mind.
Chika: Okay. (Brings out her Iphone 7 and played the sex clip) Watch this.
Anayo: What? How did you get this?
Chika: I wouldn't tell you. I have stored this video in different
phones. You have to stop chasing us.
Anayo: Ahh, I'm dead. What will I tell the commisioner? They know this
campus is full of lesbians.
Chika: Nah, nah, no. They don't know, they just heared rumours right?
Anayo: Yes.
Chika: Tell your boss that we are just harmless female gangs. Or
better tell him we are feminists or anything you can to convince him.
Anayo: Okay, I will do it. Just promise me that you wouldn't leak the video.
Chika: I won't leak the video as long as you do what I just told you to.
Anayo: Okay, thank you very much.
Chika: I have to take my leave now.

Chika left.

Anayo: Damn it! My proffession and family will both fall apart if I
make any mistake. Damn these lesbians.

Two days later the school newspaper read "Suspected Lesbians Confirmed
To Be Just Feminists".

After confirming the news Chika and the United Lesbians Umbrella (ULU)
held a meeting. It consists of all lesbian gangs merged into one
except the Fat Ass Girls. Chika was the leader.

Chika: Sisters, we are free! We will continue to disguise as women
rights activists to achieve our one goal! To make the government
recognise homosexuals. We shall achieve our goal!!!

The girls all hailed her.

Chika: Now, let's f.uck!!

The girls all mingled together and got naked as the licked and sucked
each other pussy and tips.

Three years later the girls kept using the guise as women rights
activists to gain the government attention.
They succeeded in making the government sign the gender equality bill
to law, but they kept working to achieve their ultimate goal!


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