POEM: Alone In The Desert

I opened my eyes
And looked up to the Sky
Everywhere was hot
And my throat was dry
I stood up to view the horizon
Alas! I was in a desert!

This isn't home
How did I get here?
Where's my friends?
Brother where are you?
Sister where are you?
Where's my room?
Where's my study?

As I asked this questions I became so thirsty
I wandered round the desert in the search of an Oasis
I hope this is just a dream
I pray this is just a nightmare caused by the horror movies I watched
I wish to return back to my real self

As I wandered far everything became clear to me
This wasn't a dream
This is real life
My home is gone
My friends have left me
No single living being was with me in the desert
Everyone has dissappeared

I found the oasis and drank from it
I got back my senses
I searched my surrounding
It seemed to be that the human race had gone extinct
Everywhere was dry and silent
It then dawned on me that I was all alone in the desert!

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