Must Read: Tips On How To Score High In UTME Use Of English

If you are preparing to write UTME next year or if you don't usually
do well in English Language whether in any other examinations this
article will put you through.
However, as the heading says I will be emphasizing mainly on UTME Use
Of Language, the knowledge you will get in reading this article will
help in other exams.

Now let's hit the nail on the head, as I'm going to be brief on this one.

As we all know, English Language is not just the way you see it, it
has many rules guiding it and unless you are very learned in those
rules you will fail.

1.) Study English EveryDay:

What I mean in the above isn't that you should read your English
Language textbooks everyday and dump other subjects.
It simply means that you must endeavour to learn the meaning of one or
two english words per day.
Questions in the UTME Use Of English needs intepretations and if you
have a large dictionary of vocubulary in your head it will be very
much easier for you to answer the questions.
When ever you are reading any news or any article online and you don't
understand a particular word, you should get your dictionary to find
out the meaning of those words.
Doing this will increase your vocubulary and you will find it easier
to intepret questions.

2.) Read Good Books:

Yes! Read good books! It is not every book that you see in the market
store that you should buy. Some authors just write to make money only
therefore sacrificing the standard of their book contents.
I will advise you to ask for reviews about a particular book just the
way you ask for reviews when you want to buy a good phone.
There are many books you will see with the tag, "English For UTME",
Sure JAMB Use Of English" and many other attractive headlines.
Before you buy that book go through it or go with someone who is
learned in English Language so that you wouldn't end up buying
something that wouldn't help you in your exam.
Well, let me recommend a book for you. It's an English textbook which
reveals all the secrets of UTME Use Of English.
It has helped I and other candidates to score very high in the UTME
Use Of English.
The name of the book is " The Invisible Teacher Of JAMB'S Use Of
English" by DELE ASHADE.
Read this English textbook and you will eliminate every questions in
JAMB'S Use Of English.
Buy it, and thank me later ;-)

3.) Read To Understand:

Even though you bought books because you want to read just for the
exam, you also have to read to understand.
It is when you read to understand that you take your time to read
carefully and understand more.

Ahah! That's it! Just do what is above and all is all.

In addition you have to be confident in yourself!
And also obey the rules guiding English Language, the book I
recommended above will also help you on that aspect.

Thanks For Reading!!

© Team
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